Amy-Stella (deeeper) wrote in aus_mardigras,

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So long to wait.
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hahaha thats funny :)
lol, i'm suchaa lossah
nah ur not ....its cool :)
lol! I just cannnot wait..
i cant actually going next year :D but i wanna get a hotel room save from public transport
The F1 is cheap. 90 bucks per night, but the rooms aren't that great.. they do the job and they're clean so its all good. It's about a 15 minute walk to oxford street.

And if you're going to mardi gras you need to go to the after party.
where the after party at ?
The hordern pavillion, everyone walks there after the parade, it starts at 10pm and ends at 10am, over 20,000 people go, it's not mardi gras unless you go!! It's about 90 for a ticket, but it's well worth it.
oh ok awesome stuff
i love it!
So cute.
cute eh?

8 months 3 weeks until I pop my Mardi Gra cherry.

8 months 2 weeks and 4 days till you have the best time of your life.