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When the loving starts and the lights go down...

(Please let me know if this post is offensive or not allowed and I’ll delete it promptly.)

Hi again everyone,

(For anyone who doesn’t know/remember me, I’m an almost 17 year old out lesbian high school student from Sydney, Australia.)Well, this year I’m in my final year of school in Australia and I’m doing my Higher School Certificate (that’s, um, like the equivalent of the final college exams for you Americans and Brits) and one of my courses is 2 Unit Drama. For this I have to present a 6 – 8 minute Individual Performance and I wish to write a piece based on the life of a pre-op transgendered person (at the moment I’m thinking FtM but that may change) to try and challenge myself and raise awareness and acceptance. For this reason I’m asking anyone who is willing to talk to me about their experiences as a transgendered person (FtM, MtF, post-op, pre-op – it doesn’t matter, any help would be invaluable to me) to help me compose my piece. You can email me at silver_qwerty@hotmail.com. Also, any transgendered people in the Sydney, Australia region who are willing to meet up with me, especially FtM, would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much guys.

Love Liv xxx

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Deleted comment

That would be great! Thanks so much!
I can't help you at all sorry darling, but it's no probs posting here with stuff like that, it's what this community is for!

I hope you do well & find out heaps of info.
Thanks for your good wishes :)
No worries! =D